Provence is in the air

It is in the influence of the Provencal lifestyle, which predominates love of true and gourmet products, with typical flavors of a region, that Ælred found inspiration to create this original range of fruit based aperitifs.

Fruit of our learning, fruit based aperitifs of Provence, are made from brewing and original fruit juice that celebrate our region.

They can be served  on the rocks or in cocktails.

apéritif à base de fruits melonade-The fruit-based


The aperitif Melonade of Provence is made with Cavaillon melon juice, neutral alcohol and sugar.

This aperitif is best served chilled with ice cubes or crushed ice. We also advise you to accompany it with a sparkling wine.

It can also be used in desserts or cocktails to impress your friends.


The Nectarine is a sweet and fruity aperitif.

Made from sun-ripened peaches from Provence, this aperitif is best served chilled, on the rocks or in cocktails.

apéritif à base de fruits nectarine -The fruit-based aperitifs are
apéritif à base de fruits castagnade - The fruit-based aperitifs


Our aperitif Ælred Castagnade is made with chestnut infusion from Ardèche, neutral alcohol and sugar.

The chestnut is a fruit from the Ardèche, it’s the fruit of autumn.

This aperitif can be enjoyed on the rocks or with a crémant, sparkling wine, champagne or beer. It can also be used in a fruit salad or on desserts.

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