cocktails liqueurs 24%

cocktails liqueurs - Liqueurs cocktails

We offer a range of bold liqueurs called “Liqueurs Cocktails“. These liqueurs offer original flavours with a reduced alcohol content.

You can enjoy these iced spirits in a shooter. They will also be perfect in cocktails and in your most surprising recipes.

Our Ælred Cocktail Liqueurs are the result of a long tradition drawn from our knowledge as plant distillers. Our wish is therefore to sublimate more contemporary notes.

cocktails liqueurs - Liqueurs cocktails

salted caramel

The Salted Caramel Liqueur de is an original and delicious liqueur. Indeed, it offers a taste of caramel, Guérande salt and white rum

cocktails liqueurs - Liqueurs cocktails

ice mint

The Mint Liqueur is made from essential oils of mint selected for their excellent quality, taste and aromatic power.

cocktails liqueurs - Liqueurs cocktails

lemon CITRON

The Lemon citron liqueur is made from Sicilian lemon juice and natural citron flavouring selected for its excellent organoleptic quality.

cocktails liqueurs - Liqueurs cocktails

mandarin thé

This Mandarin Tea liqueur is sweet and therefore well balanced. It’s dominated by green tea and vegetal notes.

The tangerine notes are very light and bring vivacity.

cocktails liqueurs - Liqueurs cocktails

génépi chilli pepper

The Genépi chilli pepper Liqueur 24% is smooth and well-balanced with herbal, grassy notes reflecting the taste of infused genépi.

The characteristic bitterness of the genepi is thus highlighted by the spiciness of the chilli pepper.

cocktails liqueurs - Liqueurs cocktails

flaming banana

The Flaming Banana Liqueur is made from white rum, banana juice and natural banana flavouring selected for its excellent organoleptic quality.


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