Ælred, French Creator of Spirits since 1889, offers you a range of Aperitifs and Fruit and Plant Liqueurs of superior quality, finesse and singular elegance.

Our spirits reflect a long monastic history and a particular attention to the desires of consumers.

The recipes for the herbal liqueurs established by the monks are still the same and the manufacturing secrets are jealously guarded. Nothing is changed in the production process.
All stages are scrupulously respected. This gives our alcohols their unique taste and their typicality, the result of the experiences of our herbalist ancestors. This alchemy of plants, sugar and alcohol is precious: it gives the liqueurs their digestive and invigorating virtues.



From the reception of raw materials to the dispatch of products to our customers, each step of the production process is painstakingly recorded to meet the quality demands of our consumers.



Both internally and externally in approved laboratories, our quality department analyses and tastes each batch.



R&D is at the core of our approach – an ongoing process from which we continually draw inspiration. Our staff perfect existing recipes and develop new products not only to meet the requirements of our consumers, but also to surprise them!

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