A Complex Gin

Gin Fieldfare – Dry Gin – is the result of a triple distillation in our copper stills.

The juniper berries , rigorously selected for their quality are first crushed , then macerated in alcohol before being distilled.

The gin distillate is then combined with a bouquet of plants, flowers and spices before undergoing a second distillation.

This is then expertly blended with the plants and spices of our Spirit No.1 to obtain the subtle aromatic notes of Gin Fieldfare.

tasting note

Nose :

Delicate yet complex. Juniper berries , subtly enhanced with aniseed / vegetal notes, lemon balm, fennel, finely spiced notes mixed with citrus.

Taste :

Fresh ans subtle. Juniper on the tongue , notes of coriander, lemon, fennel and mint. Delicately spiced with notes of cardamom and cinnamon.
The citrus and floral ( violet , hibiscus) notes contribute to the complexity yet delicacy in the mouth.

After Taste:

Aromatic prowess of juniper and spices.

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